Dog Days of Winter

The second book of the Skylar Connors Chronicles is officially, whew, took longer than I would have liked but alls well that ends well. Find it on Amazon here: http://!



Midday Poetry

Star Face

Countless dancers above my head

Shimmering specs of the past

It seems a shame they are all dead

Billions of lives that did not last


If I strain so hard to see

And breathe in the night

I can see your face looking back at me

From the dancers of shimmering light

Good News: Wyoming Wolves Protected Under The Endangered Species Act

Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

Photo: Jess Lee Photo: Jess Lee

It is wonderful to share some good news:

“A federal judge ruled that Wyoming wolves must once again be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Today, it is no longer legal in Wyoming to shoot wolves on sight, chase them down with vehicles, or gas wolf pups in their dens—all of which were permissible under Wyoming’s flawed wolf management scheme.”

You can read more here

Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!

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We’re Gonna Hike the Katy Trail!

Katy_Trail_Full_Route copy

Our names are Brandy Harris and Sylvia Acker and we have a mission. In the next few years we are taking on three intimidating hiking trails in America starting with the Katy Trail of Missouri this year and working our way up to The Appalachian Trail for year three. Our goal is to prove any girl of any weight and in any situation can change her life by doing it ourselves. But our quest for health and truth through nature needs support. We will be on the Katy Trail for a month, camping out, and living out of our backpacks however we are sorely short on some vital gear. Please donate if you can or go to our blog to offer some encouragement, we are in serious need of both!

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No title just words.

Hello all, I’ve got another Goodreads giveaway going for my book Bloodlines, enter here to win a free print copy!

Also on a totally different note Age of Ultron has a new trailer out and every thing is wonderful EXCEPT… where the hell is Clint? Don’t screw this up again Whedon. Let there be more Hawkeye and don’t let Cap be a surly old grandpa. Those are basically my prayers at night (with the addition of can there pretty pretty please be a Winter Soldier cameo cuz  I need that like air).

On the subject of Hawkeye, Fraction’s Hawkeye is coming to a close and I’m emotionally compromised. I’m gonna miss you Hawkguy. Of course there’s gonna be a new run for our archer…but its just not gonna be the same ya know?